Looking for an IFA?

What is an IFA?

As an overview, there are three main types of adviser. Tied advisers, who can only offer products and services from the providers they work for; multi-tied advisers, who advise on a restricted range of products; and IFAs. Only an IFA can give you unbiased advice across all financial products and mortgages.

What kind of advice can I get from an IFA?

Mortgage Advice:

Whether you are looking for a first time buyer mortgage, a fixed rate mortgage, a tracker mortgage, a flexible mortgage, equity release, a remortgage or any other kind of Independent mortgage advice, An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will be able to give you the Independent mortgage advice you require to make sure you get the right mortgage for you and the best mortgage deal too.

Insurance advice:

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) can give you Life Insurance advice, Home insurance advice, Mortgage Protection Insurance advice, Income Protection Insurance advice and lots more. If you are taking out Insurance an IFA will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of insurance, the best insurance provider, the best Insurance policy and the best Insurance deal too.

Pension & Retirement Advice:

If you need a pension or if you already have a pension, but want to make sure it’s right or top it up an IFA can give you the pension advice you need to get it sorted out. If you want some advice on how to invest now so you can enjoy your retirement an IFA can talk you through the types of investments which are most suitable for you and also set those investments up for you.

Investment Advice:

If you’re looking for short term investment advice, long term investment advice or any other type of investment advice an IFA can explore the whole market place on your behalf and make sure your money is invested in the right products and earning you as much as possible.

Other Financial Advice:

There are many reasons to get some Independent financial advice and you might find we haven’t mentioned it here, but that doesn’t mean that an IFA can’t help. Speak to an Independent Financial Adviser and get the Independent Financial Advice you need.

How much will an IFA charge me?

The cost of speaking to an Independent Financial Adviser will differ depending on your exact requirements and the way in which you choose for them to receive their payment. This is your future; our advice is get good advice and be prepared to pay well for it. You get what you pay for – in the scheme of things, the cost of the advice will be outweighed hundreds of times in the future.

How can I pay for an IFA?

An independent Financial Adviser can offer you three ways in which to pay for the independent financial advice they give you:

Pay a fee:

You can opt to pay your chosen Independent Financial Adviser a fee. The advisor will specify the payment they would expect before you use their services, this gives you time to consider whether you want to proceed. In our experience many people believe that getting financial advice from an Independent Financial Adviser is more expensive then it is in reality.


In this scenario you will not pay your Independent Financial Adviser. Instead, the IFA will receive commission from the provider or lender they introduce you to. The lender/provider will give you written confirmation of how much commission your Independent Financial Adviser is receiving for the independent financial advice you have received.

A fee and commission:

You can choose to pay your Independent Financial Adviser a fee and allow them to take commission from the lender/provider they introduce you to. By doing this your Independent Financial Adviser will charge you a smaller fee for their independent financial advice.

Why should I use IFA Choice to find an Independent Financial Adviser?

Our Independent Financial Advisers have been fully checked:

When it comes to your finances you cannot be too careful. Every Independent Financial Adviser that works with IFA Choice has been fully checked to ensure that they hold all of the relevant qualifications and are regulated by the Financial Services Authority to give independent financial advice.

Our Independent Financial Advisers can give you objective advice and the best deals too:

The Independent Financial Advisers on IFA Choice are not tied to any particular lender or provider meaning that they can review the whole market to make sure you get the most objective financial advice as well as the best deal possible.

Our service is entirely free. In fact, by using IFA Choice you will save money:

We save you the expense of having to contact IFA’s in your area. If you choose to leave your details we will get the IFA to contact you.

If you would like to be put in touch with a suitably qualified IFA in your area please complete the following information and one of the team will contact you.