What services do you provide?

We provide two levels of service:

  • A pure report writing service where IFA Choice is provided with all of the supporting documentation required to produce a recommendation.
  • A full paraplanning service where IFA Choice will provide research, illustrations, fund fact sheets as well as the recommendation report.

What information would you need and how would I provide it?

We would require the following documents:

  • Paraplanning Request Form September 2011
  • Factfind and meeting notes
  • Statement of existing investments for switching
  • Transfer paperwork and projections from existing scheme for pension switches
  • Any research or illustrations already obtained

The documents would be submitted via email to newbusiness@ifachoice.co.uk or faxed to 01392 891056

If we require further information from a provider then we can contact them on your behalf.

Is the information I send to you secure?

We will ensure that all data and information received from you is treated in the strictest confidentiality. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

How are reports sent to me?

Reports are sent by email in a word document that you can edit.

Who is responsible for the advice given?

Advice given to your client is your responsibility and is covered under your own indemnity insurance. IFA Choice is not authorised or regulated to give advice.

I am not authorised to give advice on Defined Benefit Schemes –how can you help?

IFA Choice can refer you to a highly qualified pension technical specialist who is authorised and can ‘sign off’ defined benefit scheme transfers.

How do you charge for your services?

A report produced with all information required to hand is charged at a flat fee on a monthly basis. Any additional services are billed on an hourly rate on a monthly basis. Once a working relationship has been established then a monthly retainer fee can be negotiated if preferred.

If you have any other questions not covered in this section please call us on 01392 346363 or go to the contact page.